© Adam Hurst Photography 2018

© Adam Hurst Photography 2018

Overbearing Virtues. (2018)


Overbearing Virtues is a personal investigation confronting the pressures implemented on representations of the male physique. Enthused by my own struggle with body insecurities, as well as my interest in conceptions of identity and social standards, this series explores my relationship with traditional ideologies of masculinity, a gendered stereotype that has pervasively remained within western culture into the 21st century.

Through this personal study, I have turned the camera onto myself to create a series of self portraits, utilising my slender figure to challenge the dominant expectations of the manly ideal. By exposing my macilent form, I’ve revealed a side of my true self I’d usually conceal from the eye of public disclosure. This exploitation of my vulnerability has tackled the boundaries established by society and my subconscious to allow the rejection of this social construct as a measure of self-worth. 

In a society that may and can dehumanise those who don’t fit into social expectations, Overbearing Virtues dismantles those distinctive depictions in the hopes of empowering others to embrace their insecurities and break their boundaries in the journey towards self-acceptance. 



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