Not a great deal to mention this week apart from the fact that deadline week is upon me and the rest of the course. Since last Wednesday I've been primarily focused on completing my critical review, the last essay I'll be doing as a Falmouth student. 

Within this body of text we're asked to talk in depth about the development of our project; our inspirations, thought process and research all within 1500 words which you may think doesn't seem like a lot, in which case you'd be correct as I could have talked a lot more about this project than previous works which made the writing all the more challenging. The last two days have been far more gripping in comparison to the rest of the week as we've been preparing the layout of our degree show on campus, which I must say is all falling into place very nicely. 

Tuesday consisted mainly of painting and filling the boards to hide any marks that had been left behind from their previous use, whilst today has been used for hanging all the work. Everyone has been on an absolute roll which has made the process all the more relaxed and I have to say, the technicians on site have been absolutely brilliant, helping out where they can to make sure everything went as planned.

The final deadline is next Tuesday which is a terrifying yet exhilarating thought! From then on out the celebrations can officially begin.

WEEK 44 - 02/05/2018