Today marks less than two weeks until my final deadline at university, so as usual, it's all systems go towards the final preparations. This week I've been focusing primarily on the accumulation of imagery I have created over the past 4 months and which would be best suited as part of my portfolio for the hand in. 

In truth, the project itself is one I feel I could easily continue to work on well after life at University as the possibilities seem endless, yet the looming deadline means I have to pull on the reigns for a little while and summarise everything I have created this far. That being said, I did manage to squeeze in one last shoot in the hopes of creating a few more potential outcomes and overall, apply additional photographs to a body of work I feel incredibly proud of.

After shooting multiple times at Holywell Bay over the last few months, a change of scene seemed harmless, so I hitched a ride yet again from my glorious housemate Sophie to Logan's Rock right beside Porth Curno. We were lucky enough to land the trip on a scorcher of a day whilst we explored the exterior of the rocky mass, however, it would be advised to do this with the correct footwear...slashing your ankle open is not the best way to end a successful day of shooting. 

WEEK 43 - 25/04/2018