Well, what a crazy few weeks I've had and what a perfect week to end on.

My time with Leigh has finally concluded and what an absolute blast I've had! This was obviously my first time properly assisting a professional photographer and I have to say I don't think I could have worked for a more down to earth guy than Leigh. I've also had the pleasure to meet some other brilliant people along the way who I hope will stay in contact! 

I don't think there has been a stage in this whole experience where I haven't felt involved, there's always been something to do which has meant more experience for me and a much bigger insight into the world of photography and what it potentially has to offer in the future. This life wasn't just handed to Leigh on a silver platter though, he's worked an awful lot to get to where he is today and it just goes to show how much it has paid off. Not many photographers can say they've had the privilege to photograph  Prince William for example...just saying.

For me personally, this whole thing has been a massive kick up the backside, almost like an epiphany if you will. A realisation of how I definitely need to start getting my arse into gear this next year and build my portfolio ready for a possible career in the industry. My love for London has most definitely continued to grow as well in the time I've spent there, although it's safe to say that I have definitely gone off the underground. Overall, this whole experience has felt like smooth sailing and I wouldn't change a thing. 

Cheers Leigh

To round off an incredible few weeks, my parents came down to London before I set off back to Falmouth, so I managed to get a few more sights in with them as well as two more West End shows...anyone that knows me properly will know I can't say no to a good old musical.  

WEEK 27 - 30/08/2017