It's been another busy but informative week at Central Saint Martins. Leigh's classes are still going on so his students are the priority right now and he's making sure they get everything out of the course. I've had the pleasure of meeting more models from further agencies such as Nev's and Models1 as well as the stylist Stephen Conway. Stephen and Leigh are both co-founders of JÓN Magazine, a London based men's fashion magazine which is partly how I discovered Leigh's photography in the first place. He came along on Thursday along with his own intern, Fran to style the garments for the model Isobel who is featured below. 

As well as that, I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Richmond Park on Saturday which is way down into the south west of London. It was a fair trek to get there, however, I had the route all planned out and everything seemed to be set in place....but of course, it had to absolutely hammer it down when I got there. I still managed to see a few deer which was a real highlight. They weren't too fussed about the rain; I guess they knew not as many people would bother them in those conditions, well, expect me and my camera.

Some really exciting opportunities are coming up in the next two weeks with Leigh which I can't wait to share, although some details might be kept a little vague.... 

*Stay tuned*

WEEK 23 - 02/08/2017