As predicted, this week has been a lot quieter. The weather has generally been very wishy washy without any signs of sunshine until these last three days, so I've spent the majority of time indoors. To top it off the wi-fi went down this week as well so I've purely been trying to get that sorted whilst getting a close encounter with two bees who stumbled upon my open window. I prefer bees far more than wasps anyway, but that doesn't mean its okay for them to buzz on in without any warning...

Luckily one left on his own accord and the other completely zonked himself out after too many failed attempts of finding the exit. I managed to trap him in a glass and popped him back outside on my window ledge with a teaspoon of sweet water to recover as a read somewhere that that gives them back their energy.

*good deed of the week: Complete!*

Naturally, I got a shot of the little guy to savour the memory before leaving him to rest.

WEEK 16 - 14/06/2017