The last few days have varied entirely! I kick started the week with a cheeky trip to Kynance Cove on the west side of Cornwall with the lovely Sophie who featured in week 7. We arrived at high tide which made it that little bit trickier to get to the rocky beach which made it even tougher on the feet, but naturally, we couldn't say no to a little evening paddle and the last few rays before heading home. My parents arrived today and are staying for the rest of the week so the remaining days have purely consisted of cleaning the house so that my parents at least believe that the house is perfect all year round....

To round off the week, we took a little trip to Chapelporth again with Sophie tagging along just to make the day of it as the weather was bliss. I'm hoping to get a few other trips in next week as well as a few pints and hearty meals before my parents head back up North.

WEEK 14 - 31/05/2017