This week has been far busier in comparison to last week as I have been in the final stages of installing my work ready for the second year BA (Hons) Photography exhibition at the Poly in Falmouth. It's been such a good experience to prep my work for the end of year show. I've been lucky enough to exhibit work before at the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool, but this just had a completely different feel to it.

I finally managed to find framing that I was happy with, although it doesn't actually look as though the work has been framed at all as they don't consist of a border which, personally, I prefer as they don't detract from the imagery and still provide that reflective surface I was hoping for. I also managed to get a little holder for my business cards so they could sit by my work as I intended. Generally, it's all come together pretty smoothly, the only real issue I faced was getting all the imagery straight and an even distance apart from one another; As a serious perfectionist, this resulted in me spending far too much time just staring at the wall checking them all over. I must say though, I'm really proud of this series so if you get a chance, do head down to the Poly and check out the exhibition along with all the other fantastic work on display by my year group. The Exhibition itself starts tonight and ends this Saturday.

Quick shout out again to the lovely people who helped me complete this series. thank you for your time and patience, it really means a lot.

WEEK 13 - 24/05/2017