Generally, this last week has been a lot more chilled. Probably not the best thing to say seeing as my final deadline for second year is fast approaching, but I needed it none the less. I usually find myself cooped up in my room or at the library when deadlines are looming and that is a frequent occurrence at university. Sometimes you just need to breathe a little.

My housemate Sophie recently got a car, so we've been taking a few trips along the coast of Cornwall. We started by heading west to Godrevy which we reached at about 6pm in the evening as we wanted to be there for sunset. In complete honesty, it was probably one of the most incredible sunsets I've ever seen, it didn't even feel like we were in the UK at one point. We also took an early trip to Chapel Porth which is also on the west coast to make sure we were there in time for low tide so we could explore the beach a bit more. The weather has been absolutely glorious as well which was a bonus, however, it immediately caught us out which is just typical...

I'm currently back home for easter and trying to get on with work, but I really want to see friends and family in between! Unfortunately, work has to come first as there is yet another busy week ahead of me, but an exciting one at that!

WEEK 7 - 12/04/2017