westmister bridge


This past week and a bit has been incredible. Sadly, my work placement has now come to an end with James Day but the whole experience has been truly uplifting. A few guest lecturers we have had in the past at Falmouth have said there isn't a lot going after uni for photographers, but for me, this has completely flipped that remark on its backside. Yeah, it's a competitive industry and will most likely be a challenge, but it's definitely possible if you have the drive and passion for it!

It was really nice to be back in London this last week as well, however, I feel as though I had a much different mindset in comparison to my last visit. My last trip was back in 2014 I believe which was when I was still completing my Art Foundation Diploma and at that point, I wasn't generally thinking about possible careers in the future. I was just enjoying taking photographs. Now, I'm on the verge of starting 3rd year at University and after that, the real world kicks in...

I managed to fit in a quick trip to Westminster Bridge whilst I was there, just over a week after the attack involving the policeman who was stabbed outside parliament. In truth, it was quite a surreal experience knowing what had taken place and yet everything seemed back to normal. 

Thoughts go out to everyone who was affected by this attack.   

WEEK 6 - 05/04/2017