Once again, another really eventful week! This one has definitely been a highlight since starting the blog. So as I mentioned last week I have been home for the Easter holidays to see my friends and family and to celebrate my best friends 21st birthday which was an absolute blast. When your away from home 3 months at a time, a good old catch up is thoroughly needed. However, the reunion couldn't go on forever due to work that needed completing for the deadline which is quickly creeping up on the 2nd May.

I'm currently back in merry old London town where I shall be staying for the rest of this week. This morning I was up bright and early (which in truth is not a regular occurrence for me) and head straight to Starbucks where I met with the fantastic photographer Leigh Keily over an internship in the summer period which we confirmed is going ahead! So I've basically been ecstatic all day and skipping through Hyde Park as you do. To top off the end of a fab week I decided to take my first trip up the Shard. I got to the 69th floor round 7 o'clock and stayed there to watch the sunset, so overall I was up there for about 3 hours...totally worth it! 

Here's to what I hope is another fab week ahead! 

WEEK 8 - 19/04/2017