First week back at University - Complete ✓

I was honestly building myself up for a really intense Monday morning lecture, enlightening myself and my other peers on the advancing deadlines of our first project and dissertation...safe to say, it was actually pretty chilled, but also a bit of a wake up call which resulted in an immediate trip to the library to start my collection of books which I can look at and admire until I actually start reading them...

I feel like I've actually managed to make a good start to my first project of final year which is titled 'Development Portfolio'. This basically gives us the opportunity to start research and visually experimenting within photography towards our final project which will start in the second semester ready for our exhibition which will take place at the Free Range in London. I visited the Free Range back in June when the previous 3rd years held their final exhibition; check out that post Here.

So, just to summarise, I'm feeling fairly positive after my first week back, I'm just hoping this proceeds into the next few weeks to come. Even if the stress does hit, its nothing a good old brew can't solve.


WEEK 32 - 04/10/2017


In truth, this week has been a complete and utter blur. I got so weighed down with this dissertation proposal I barely had time for anything else. Just to summarise, the week has involved a hell of a lot of reading, many late nights and Domino's pizza, plus many, many mugs of PG Tips to keep me sane...but alas, its finally over!

Now that that's out of my hair I can finally put full focus into my current project on the 'Inner Being' which I am currently in week 9 of I believe? Hand in is the 2nd May so it feels as though there's plenty of time to crack on, but there's an absolute tonne going on in between then and now which gives me about 2 or 3 weeks to get it sorted.

Generally, a very mixed few weeks lie ahead, but exciting none the less. Bring it.

WEEK 4 - 22/03/2017