So, we have finally hit July and this is, in fact, my last week in Falmouth (until September of course). It's been nice just chilling out a bit before my getaway to London for the start of my Internship. On top of that, the sun decided to make a second appearance this summer as well which I obviously took full advantage of, along with my housemates down at Gylly Beach.

As excited as I am for my internship, I'm seriously going to miss Falmouth over the next two months. Even though this past year has been stressful in terms of deadlines, I still somehow managed to remain content and completely in my element. Falmouth is naturally the kind of place that can instantly win you over and luckily for me, the people here have make that even more so.

I captured this little snap in the early hours of this morning. It was well gone 5.30am as I stayed up with my housemate, Simon in an attempt to watch the 3 hour film 'Inland Empire' by the incredible David Lynch. By this point, the sun was beginning to rise so I just sat on my window sill for a while and fell completely engrossed in the moment. I lost track of time for a short spell, but I honestly didn't care. In truth, I don't think this shot lives up to the exact moment, but for me, it's nice to reminisce upon it and appreciate this glorious place I get to call home

see you in September Fal.  

WEEK 19 - 05/07/2017