This week marked a sad day. On Friday 22nd September....Summer officially came to a conclusion. Jumper season has finally arrived; queue the multicoloured leaves and dark evenings. In fairness, Autumn is probably my preferred season, purely due to the fact that I can drink a hell of a lot more tea and of course, Halloween. On another note, this week also marked the start of my third and final year at Falmouth University. Don't get me wrong, I'm in complete disbelief at how quickly these past two years have gone, but I don't really think its fully sunk in yet that after this year, that's it. It'll be time for the real world of opportunity....shit.

Although I'm already slightly anxious and the anxiety is bound to increase at some point, I'm really pumped for what this next year is going to bring and where my final project is going to lead. I feel like I've already managed to make a positive start on the research element, it's just a matter of keeping on top of a consistent workflow now that I can juggle alongside the dreaded 'D' word (Dissertation) up until Christmas. The next few months will definitely be interesting.

WEEK 31 - 27/09/2017


Alas! I actually made it to week 10, it's a bloody miracle. I must admit though, I'm really getting into this blog now, it's nice to come back to it on a weekly basis. Week 10 has been pretty intense though with the last few days leading up to the final deadline of second year at Falmouth University! In regards to the last post, I totally jinxed myself. The stress hit me like a tonne of bricks, but thankfully I managed to get it all completed in time. so that's it, second year is done. Bring on third year and that glorious dissertation... I'm planning on uploading my recent project to the website very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

For now though I'm allowed to chill out and I ended the week on such a high note. Me and a few friends took a fab little day trip to Bedruthan Steps, not far from Newquay. We explored a few caves, had a little paddle, had some drinks. To summarise, it was a top notch day and thoroughly needed. All there is to say now is, BRING ON THE SUMMER! 

WEEK 10 - 03/05/2017