Things are finally coming together! It's only taken a solid 7 months for me to realise the true intent of my final project at university, but I finally feel as though the concept is somewhat set in stone. On the other hand, the photography itself is another story...but I'm hoping I'll be able to share some brand new work very soon.

This week I have been none. stop. shooting! After assembling a variety of materials to work with I took to the Cornish landscape with my trusty buddy Sophie who has been an absolute Saint! She drove me to a wide range of areas to experiment with a few ideas I've had; from Bodmin Moor to Holywell Bay near Newquay. I highly doubt I'd of managed to get around so freely without her and for that I can't thank her enough. Cheers Chuck.

One of the highlights from this week was on Sunday during our visit to Tregardock Beach near Tintagel on the North Coast. Lets set the scene. It's 12.28 in the afternoon, slightly overcast with a sharp chill in the air and the sound of crashing waves in the distance as we approach the beach. Seems like another standard adventure in the land of Cornwall...wrong. Little did we know that the Beast from the East 2.0 was about to unleash another motherload of snow right on top of us, right as I was about to start shooting. Now, usually I'm all for the snow and would embrace it with open arms, but it made it somewhat of a challenge for me to put my ideas to the test and made it practically impossible for Sophie to capture any landscapes without giant snowflakes latching on to her lense.    

After taking on what may as well have been a blizzard (No Exaggeration) we miraculously managed to get back to the car. However, we didn't let the weather stop us there and continued on our travels straight down to Kynance Cove to make the most of the opportunity and get a few snaps of the rare view. 

WEEK 41 - 21/03/2018


Well...I should probably start with, Happy New Year Everyone!

That instantly indicates how long it has been since I wrote a post. Don't say I didn't warn you that I'd suck at the weekly updates, it's written in the intro! That's the intro a wrote just over a year ago now on the 1st of March 2017 when I started this delightful little blog. I'm still determined to reach that '52 Week' mark, one way or another!

Anyhow, the last two months have flown by with a necessity to put full priority towards university and my final project; a continuation of the latest work I shared on my website, 'Boundaries'. This work in progress still remains a personal exploration, but more so towards my relationship with the representations of masculinity created by mass media and the effects they are having on mental health and self-esteem within young men in the 21st century. The practical side is moving rather slowly at the moment with less than two months till I leave university, but I feel confident with the approach of the concept. Fingers crossed the visuals I create will lead me in a positive direction and get me ready for the Free Range in June!

On another note, The Beast from the East (or 'Storm Emma') brought inches worth of glorious white snow this week causing a fair bit of havoc....glorious! The last time Cornwall had proper snow was 10 years ago, hence why I never expected to see any in my time down here. None the less, my housemates and I took full advantage of the disruption, resulting in indoor snowball fights and treks to the Stables as you can't let bad weather get in the way of a good old pint!

According to my calculations, I'm currently 9 weeks behind schedule on the blog, which means I'll continue to tackle this little project of mine into the first week of June which I feel will be a nice place to end...Unless I decide to continue afterwards? 

Who Knows!

WEEK 39 - 07/03/2018