Hey Hey, guess who made it to week 20? This Guy! 

It's nice to see the body of my blog finally building up and to know I haven't fallen behind...yet. Clearly, I have jinxed myself again! This week was obviously the big move which was beyond hectic. I can truthfully say carrying two months worth of clothes in one suitcase on the London underground was not fun, at all!

*note for future Adam*

I somehow made it in one piece though so I'm thankful for that. My accommodation is surprisingly similar to my student digs in first year, just without the distant view of Penryn harbour. Instead, I have scaffolding with builders going over the paintwork of the building which somewhat makes me apprehensive to open my curtains in a morning, but apart from that I'm pretty much settled now and ready to get started. The internship itself has been pushed back a week so I've spent my time getting sorted and getting a few more sights in; my inner tourist can't hold back sometimes, hence the shot. 

WEEK 20 - 12/07/2017