To sum up this week in a word...hectic. There's been so much going on and I've still not managed to tick everything off my to-do-list, however, it was so good to get back in the studio! Was nice to put together a variety of lighting setups and see what outcomes could be achieved. I also got round to a test shoot for my project finally, but that did not go to plan in the slightest due to the equipment I booked out from Uni not being fully charged. In fairness I should've checked it well before shooting, but hey ho, as the saying goes, 'learn from your mistakes'.

Also had the chance to show my work to the 3rd year Tutors at University in a 3 hour crit which was really enlightening as they gave some really good feedback in regards to my current project. All in all a busy but productive week, however, dissertation proposal is still very much a work in progress....

WEEK 2 - 08/03/2017

Week 1

So, week 1 is here and I have to say its probably not the most eventful week to start on. I'm currently on week 6 of my third major project this year and it's slowly but surely progressing, but the pace definitely needs to increase. Dare I even mention the 2000 word dissertation proposal that's hurdling its way towards me... 

It doesn't help that the 'Walking Dead' has started back up as that's just immediate temptation to procrastinate! On a brighter note, I'm looking forward to getting back in the studio this week for a good refresh before the main shoots begin.

Week 1 - 01/03/2017