We are back on track at long last!

That being said, there isn't a crazy amount to report this week as the workflow steadily continues. I think it's safe to say though that these last few days have started to feel a lot more like Spring with some warm-ish weather to if you can believe it! Although, as I type this, it is currently raining outside with a gloomy overcast just to lighten the mood...Spring is definitely here.

On the productive side, I managed to swipe a studio session this week with my partner in crime Louie, who I might add has finally started an Instagram profile after 2 years of saying 'I NEED TO GET INSTAGRAM!' so go show him some love @ louiehp. Late last month we both took part in an advanced lighting induction with the very talented photographer John Spinks who has shot for the likes of The New York Times and VOGUE. The workshop itself was extremely informative and covered how to white cast a backdrop properly in the studio with efficient timing, using Polyboards, a light meter and the glorious Profoto lighting kits that the uni has to offer which I'm absolutely obsessed with. With this technical input on board, we used our own session to try and re-create and experiment with the same setup to see what outcomes we could achieve. Safe to say, John's workshop was highly beneficial and definitely paid off!

When in front of a camera in the studio, naturally you have to strike a pose...not that I can tell you what pose I'm doing in the shot below?

WEEK 40 - 14/03/2018


It's my third week back in Falmouth and yet I can already feel the stress levels rising...is that normal seeing as I haven't even started back Uni yet?? I can already feel the deadlines breathing down the back of my neck.

On a brighter note, Anneka turned the big old 21 this week which gave everyone a good reason to celebrate and drink all the available booze. The troops were assembled and we head straight to the Holy Land that is The Stables, resulting in delicious pints of sweet, sweet Cornish cider and a freshly baked pizza. Now, of course, any 21st birthday results in a glorious night out on the town and as we live in Falmouth, no club comes close to the strangely addictive Club International....mainly because there isn't a vast amount of options to choose from. However, if you put the awful odour and sticky carpet aside, it usually ends up being an eventful evening. Speaking on behalf of Anneka, I'm pretty confident in saying she had an excellent night.

Happy Birthday again Bud!

WEEK 30 - 20/09/2017