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It's my third week back in Falmouth and yet I can already feel the stress levels that normal seeing as I haven't even started back Uni yet?? I can already feel the deadlines breathing down the back of my neck.

On a brighter note, Anneka turned the big old 21 this week which gave everyone a good reason to celebrate and drink all the available booze. The troops were assembled and we head straight to the Holy Land that is The Stables, resulting in delicious pints of sweet, sweet Cornish cider and a freshly baked pizza. Now, of course, any 21st birthday results in a glorious night out on the town and as we live in Falmouth, no club comes close to the strangely addictive Club International....mainly because there isn't a vast amount of options to choose from. However, if you put the awful odour and sticky carpet aside, it usually ends up being an eventful evening. Speaking on behalf of Anneka, I'm pretty confident in saying she had an excellent night.

Happy Birthday again Bud!

WEEK 30 - 20/09/2017


Well, where do I even start!? I've been on an absolute mad one this week and it's only the beginning! Some crazy times lie ahead.

I had the pleasure of shooting yet more models this week from PRM Modelling agency in the studios at Central Saint Martins which have consisted to grow on me, however, this was the last chance I'd get to use them for myself so I made sure to make the most of them! I also had the chance to finally assist Leigh on a shoot that was going towards the next issue of JÓN Magazine which will be out this September. My job was to check each image that came out of the camera onto Leigh's laptop and notify him if there were any issues in regards to the focus and the exposure in particular, as we were working with natural light that has the habit of consistently changing depending on the weather. Overall, the shoot was really good practice for me and the outcomes we managed to achieve were fab!

However, on top of all that I got the chance to be a part of two major shoots this week, one being for MTV and the promo for one of their upcoming television shows which I believe will air sometime next year. Sadly, I can't share any pictures from the studio, but it was absolutely insane to be involved in such a high budget shoot with such a big team and to see the imagery Leigh was capturing, accumulate on the monitors. Furthermore, I got to assist Leigh yet again on a shoot for the hat designer, Piers Atkinson. Piers has designed headpieces for the likes of Rhianna and Paloma Faith and other creatives for various fashion runways. The shoot itself was towards his new collection which will be making an appearance at Paris Fashion week with Schroroom this September. It was a real pleasure to work alongside him and his team and to work with Leigh on something niche and unique.

WEEK 24 - 09/08/2017