holywell bay


There has been a real mixed bag of weather this week down in Cornwall. One minute you can have glorious sunshine and the next, the rain will sweep over the hills and absolutely lash it down, so that's held me back from doing much in truth. I've mainly been trying to make a start on the (dare I even say the word) dissertation, but so far, that's gotten nowhere. In fairness, I still feel in holiday mode which I seriously need to shake off if I want to start third year on the right foot.

It's also been rather quiet in the house this week as Anneka has been back home up North for an early birthday with her family, Louie has been the library most of the time and Sophie has been out exploring the coast with her grandparents who have been down to visit with their little dog Ash who's a complete bundle of joy. I ended up going on a little adventure with the four of them to various bays along the west coastline which was a fab day out.

If you had to choose between work and the Cornish coastline, you're gonna pick the Cornish coastline any day, especially if great company is included!

Our first stop was to Watergate Bay which is not far from Newquay, before making a quick visit to Bedruthan Steps were the heavens decided to open for the space of about 2 minutes, making us retreat back to the car. Our final visit was to Holywell Bay where we happened to stumble upon the filming of the fourth season of the BAFTA-winning TV series Poldark. Some potential spoilers for anyone who watches the show, but they were shooting a scene between the lead female, Delemza and her Lover Hugh Armitage....make of that what you will. It was great to see the actors and crew all in action though and the lengths they had gone to keep the area clear with security dotted all along the dunes to stop any modern day looking folks photobombing the 1780's styled scene. 

WEEK 29 - 13/09/2017