How are we already in June!? I honestly have no clue where this year is going...

This week has been more or less and continuation of last week. My parents have been down for the past 6 days visiting from back up North as I won't be home for the rest of the summer, so they wanted to come and spend a bit of time with me, either that or they just wanted to come and admire Cornwall in all its glory and used me as their excuse. We managed to fit in a boat ride from Falmouth pier over to St. Mawes which is just across the way from Falmouth Harbour. However, I think the highlight of that trip was seeing Falmouth from the sea. I'm so used to seeing it from within the cluster of seaside buildings, so it was nice to admire it from a different perspective. 

Overall, I think my parents had a nice little trip down and got to take in some new scenery. I imagine next week will be much quieter.

WEEK 15 - 07/06/2017