So...you may or may not have noticed, but, I'm sort of 6 weeks behind on blog posts. I do apologise, this was not the intended plan, however, I'm still thoroughly determined to finish this little project of mine and reach that '52 Week' mark. I aim to add on the 6 weeks I've missed which should take us through to the beginning of April, so stay tuned!

Honestly, I've no clue where to start as there's been so much going on alongside the workflow at University, but, I'm happy to announce that my dissertation is finally complete! Finished, handed in, gone. *CAPOW!*. All those sleepless, stress-filled days and nights have resulted in a 33 page word document that I'll probably never look back on in fear of picking up on the simplest of mistakes or realising that the whole damn file makes absolutely no sense...but, overall I'm just made up I managed to hand the bugger in, which I probably wouldn't have done without the support of my friends and family. Cheers All x

*Flashback to the end of October*

It's almost Halloween and I've just handed in the first draft of my dissertation, the natural student indicator that it's time to get a drink...or two. This year, however, I decided to take on the Masked Ball with my absolute favourites. The event itself took place at the theme park, Flambards, located to the South West of Falmouth and, hell, it did not disappoint. The event went on until the early hours of the next morning and consisted of none stop boogying which was not a problem in the slightest, the real challenge was getting my yellow contact lenses out once we returned home!

In the same month, I got to be apart of the WHIP Exhibition which our year group at University put together up at the campus gallery. I got to feature some of my work from my latest project which surprisingly became the poster to advertise the show! Happy to say the private view was a real success; we had a great turn out with a variety of work on show. If you fancy it, we got a smashing, little review from the guys over at SUBCULTURE you can check out by clicking here.

To summarise November in a word: Exhausting. I've honestly put all my effort towards this one piece of written work and its left me feeling utterly ZONKED. Heck, I didn't even get chance to boogie on my birthday which was disappointing, although my housemates went too far out their way to surprise me with a polaroid camera which I adore! I still have another deadline due next Friday which I don't feel prepared for in the slightest, so I'll have to make full use of the time I have left. It doesn't help that throughout this time I've felt homesick, which in honesty, I've not felt since leaving to start University back in 2015. Is this normal? I mean, I'm the least normal person going, but for me this is definitely odd. I think the North is subconsciously calling me to come back. Either way, Christmas can't come quick enough!

Bring on the future eight hour train journey home. huzzah.

WEEK 35 - 06/12/2017