fairy lights


A much quieter week I'm afraid chaps, however, I'm back in Falmouth and it's safe to say...it's nice to be back. I'm not entirely sure if I'm a fan of the silence though. It's surprising how loud London was and how I managed to adapt to it!

Anyhow, It was a 5 hour trip on the train from London back down to the Cornish countryside. In fairness, the journey doesn't really feel that long anymore after doing a number of repeated trips to the city this year, but it was rather comforting to know that I was getting picked up from Truro by my two house mates, Sophie and Anneka who moved in this August ready for this fourth coming year! This was only another few stops from Falmouth, but I'd of needed to wait half an hour for another train which would have meant I'd of only gotten home after 10pm... I was alright tar.

Thank you again guys for the lift!

The rest of the week has consisted of unpacking, tidying, a few catch ups and redecorating our kitchen with a bit of bunting and a few fairy lights. Seeing as we don't have a common room, we had to improvise but I feel as though we did a good job. 

WEEK 28 - 06/09/2017