I KNOW....I know, okay. 

We had a solid 3 weeks worth of posts to only fall behind another 3. Things are getting a little intense at the moment and I need to make sure my head is fully immersed within my work, after all, there are only 3 weeks left till I have my final deadline as a student at Falmouth University...holy moly!

However, this week's blog post is a little different to previous as I'm calling for your help!

Yes, YOU! The glorious reader of this little blog that I've somehow managed to keep alive for over a year now. If you recall back to my 18th post you will see I took a little trip to visit the Free Range, a graduate exhibition held in London once a year to celebrate the works of 3000 students in art, design and, of course, photography! Well, the time has come for myself and 77 other talented eggs to showcase our practice within this globally recognised space. EXCITING STUFF! The show is a massive opportunity for us all to provide our work with exposure to thousands of people that visit every year, as well as industry professionals and potential employers. 

We are currently raising money which will go towards renting the space at Free Range, as well as help fund the printing of our exhibition catalogues, an essential addition to the promotion of our work. I would be incredibly grateful if you could spare a few pennies to go towards the Crowdfunder we are running! Our fundraising team have been doing an amazing job over the last few months, but now we need that final push which I hope you will consider helping us with.

Go check out our collective over on Instagram and Facebook.
It's lining up to be one heck of a show!

Hopefully the last few months I've spent embracing the winter elements in Cornwall will finally pay off! Big thank you again to Sophie for ferrying me about and for this behind the scenes shot.

I'm really looking forward to sharing more of my project with you all.

Stay Tuned! 

Cheers x

CrowdFunder: www.gofundme.com/YolkCollective

WEEK 42 - 18/04/2018


The biggest highlight of this week has been yet another adventure to London. I've never been to London so many times within the same year before, but I have to say the journey is really growing on me. Before starting University I thought travelling up and down the country every few months would become a bit of a mither, but it's rather therapeutic watching the world go by before reaching your destination. London in general has grown on me too, it's just got me buzzing for the next few months ahead! The thought of working in the industry I'm currently studying about and striving towards is just mind blowing and I couldn't be any more excited for the move!

Back to this week's adventure though, I went specifically for the BRIK Free Range Photography Graduation Show that the third years from Falmouth were putting on and it was honestly Top Notch! The work was of such a high standard, I somewhat found it a little daunting, especially with the collective sat alongside more works from other universities such as Plymouth, Westminster and Edinburgh. Overall though, I feel it was a great benefit visiting the show and I gained a good nudge in the right direction ready for my own journey into third year this September...bloody hell, how time flies.

Massive congrats to everyone who took part in the overall exhibition and Hats off to the third years from Falmouth, you guys seriously did the Uni and yourselves justice.

WEEK 18 - 28/06/2017