central saint martins


This week I finally started my internship with leigh Keily and I have to say, it's been a nice refresh into the world of the commercial industry in photography, and not just the shooting element! I feel the work placement I did back in March with the photographer James Day really prepped me for what was in store, so I was ready to go on day one.  

I met up with Leigh at his office on Friday where he gave me a good outline of what my job as his assistant was going to involve as well as a break down of the equipment he owns and where it's stored. For the majority of this week though I've been going to Central Saint Martin's where Leigh has been teaching some classes on photography and the studio environment. As well as helping out, it's also been an insight for me to the way in which Leigh would approach a potential shoot which has somewhat prepared me a little for any work that may pop up in the weeks to come.

Leigh also arranged for models to come in from various agencies so that his students would have the chance to shoot for themselves. It was then my job to send the final outcomes they captured to the agencies and the models so they had more imagery to add to their own portfolios. Furthermore, it was nice talking to the models about their experiences in the industry and learning about the agencies they worked for, I was even lucky enough to snap some of my own photographs once the classes were over! It was nice to have a taste of the facilities Central Saint Martins had to offer as well; the daylight studio in particular which I automatically fell in love with!

I feel this week was a nice ease into the internship and I've already taken in so much which hopefully will benefit me in my future prospects. Some exciting things have been planned and are on the way which I'm hoping I'll be able to vaguely share with you guys! 

WEEK 22 - 26/07/2017