border collie


I most definitely spoke too soon in the previous post. This week has been absolutely exhausting! Thinking back I've just been staring at a monitor the whole time, trying to absorb any relevant initial research I could find...the weekend was thoroughly needed.

The biggest treat was definitely having Anneka's dog, Ziggy down for the weekend who was the most delightful bundle of fluff ever! Don't get me wrong, this included some serious procrastination on my behalf, but I'm not even sorry! If you have to choose between work and a doggo, your 100% going to choose the doggo. I mean look at his little face, it says it all! In all fairness, having him round really raised the spirits after a draining week of studying. Cheers Zig.

I also had a well-needed reunion and night out with my housemates from first year or my Day 1's as I now like to refer to them as. It was also Holly's birthday which made all the more reason to head out, celebrate and have a drink or 2....or 3. For now though, its back to the books. I'm hoping to start shooting this next week so hopefully, I'll be able to share some brand new work soon.

Fingers Crossed.  

WEEK 33 - 11/10/2017