The deadline for the first draft of the dissertation is looming....9 days to be exact. Just letting that sink in for myself, don't worry. Putting that aside, I feel as though this week has once again been fairly productive, that is in regards to my project.

Shooting finally started this Wednesday in the new daylight studio we now have here at Falmouth. I mainly took this opportunity to experiment with various visual ideas I'm currently having in regards to my concept, along with Louie who also took the time to experiment with his own ideas. We spent a solid 6 hours in their just shooting making the most of the time we had, despite the fact we lost about 10 minutes due to an unexpected fire alarm, but overall, we came away with some decent outcomes. I also got round to having a little road trip with the lovely Anneka all the way up to Newquay for the day in order to do yet another shoot which was very reliant on the natural light and landscapes. We parked right on the tip of Fistral Beach with a Stables just around the corner for good measure. Anneka also got round to shooting some landscapes for her own current project on a 'FUJI G617 PANORAMIC CAMERA' which she recently got her hands on and it's absolutely huuuggge! We shot throughout the day and took the view in as the sun finally started to set which is always the best way to end a top day!

Now, as a result of having such a productive week, I have gone and caught the absolutely glorious freshers flu...or maybe just your regular old cold, who knows? Either way, it's not ideal when you intend to get your head down and make a firm approach to a dissertation where I will most definitely need a clear head. This can only lead into what I imagine will be a very intense week ahead. 

WEEK 34 - 18/10/2017


The last few days have varied entirely! I kick started the week with a cheeky trip to Kynance Cove on the west side of Cornwall with the lovely Sophie who featured in week 7. We arrived at high tide which made it that little bit trickier to get to the rocky beach which made it even tougher on the feet, but naturally, we couldn't say no to a little evening paddle and the last few rays before heading home. My parents arrived today and are staying for the rest of the week so the remaining days have purely consisted of cleaning the house so that my parents at least believe that the house is perfect all year round....

To round off the week, we took a little trip to Chapelporth again with Sophie tagging along just to make the day of it as the weather was bliss. I'm hoping to get a few other trips in next week as well as a few pints and hearty meals before my parents head back up North.

WEEK 14 - 31/05/2017