Not a great deal to report this week...

After the hand in of my dissertation, I've been trying to crack on with the remaining work for my project for this semester before the Christmas holidays finally begins, but not before I got some belated birthday celebrations in with the day ones.

The project I'm currently working on has accumulated into an investigation of psychological matters, enthused by my own interests in the concepts of Youth, human cognition and social standards. It seems to have incorporated a slight personal approach as well which has made the start of my exploration all the more intriguing. As this is only the development of my project I don't necessarily know if any of the imagery I have created will go towards my final deadline in May, but I feel confident that I will continue this study into my final semesters of University. For now the work I have will go towards my current deadline due this Friday and all that's left is to sort my final edits and prints before a very much needed 3 week break at home.

The North is calling.

WEEK 36 - 13/12/2017


It's my third week back in Falmouth and yet I can already feel the stress levels that normal seeing as I haven't even started back Uni yet?? I can already feel the deadlines breathing down the back of my neck.

On a brighter note, Anneka turned the big old 21 this week which gave everyone a good reason to celebrate and drink all the available booze. The troops were assembled and we head straight to the Holy Land that is The Stables, resulting in delicious pints of sweet, sweet Cornish cider and a freshly baked pizza. Now, of course, any 21st birthday results in a glorious night out on the town and as we live in Falmouth, no club comes close to the strangely addictive Club International....mainly because there isn't a vast amount of options to choose from. However, if you put the awful odour and sticky carpet aside, it usually ends up being an eventful evening. Speaking on behalf of Anneka, I'm pretty confident in saying she had an excellent night.

Happy Birthday again Bud!

WEEK 30 - 20/09/2017