SUPA Models


I can't quite get over the fact that I'm already half way through this project! Just goes to show how quickly this year is going. It'll be Christmas before we know it...


So, this has been my second to last week working as Leigh's assistant and the workflow continues. It's been more of an 'Office Week' instead of a 'Surprise Work Trip to Spain' week, but still eventful none the less. I've had little various bits to sort in regards to finance and also retouching which has been very beneficial, however, my main job has been making plans with models to work in more of Leigh's classes in two weeks time when I'll have left. I've mainly been in touch with the lovely Amelia over at PRM Models who's been an absolute delight and has been on the ball with the required arrangements. Furthermore, I also managed to shoot some more imagery of my own with the brilliant Noah Teicher who was all the way from NYC. I've popped a little outtake from the shoot below. 

On top of everything though, the biggest highlight for me this week was seeing my best friend Sam. After being apart for 6 months, she travelled all the way down to London to come see me. 6 months was already cutting it fine, so any longer and I'd of probably had a mental breakdown. All these plans had just interfered with any potential reunion so I was absolutely made up to see her. A catch up was thoroughly needed! We made the most of our time together and even got a show in on the West End.

P.S. Aladdin is top notch!

WEEK 26 - 23/08/2017