After 3 years the posse has finally taken on the 6 hour car journey down to the bottom of England and I am beyond ecstatic to have them stay over the next week, in which case there is no time to waste!

After a few pints and a good ol' kip, we were straight out this morning down towards the southern coastline to visit Botallack. Upon the cliff's edge sits the derelict engine houses which were used as a part of mining back in the 19th century, though mining has been documented in the area much further back than this.

After a fair amount of exploring we finished the day down at Porth Nanven for the sunset...that was until Sam decided to fall into a thorn bush and cut her legs, a sign that it was time to head back. I have to admit, having nearly all the people I adore in one location is 100% golden x 

Here's to the rest of the week which will hopefully be just as productive (with no more injuries fingers crossed).

WEEK 46 - 16/05/2018