After 3 years the posse has finally taken on the 6 hour car journey down to the bottom of England and I am beyond ecstatic to have them stay over the next week, in which case there is no time to waste!

After a few pints and a good ol' kip, we were straight out this morning down towards the southern coastline to visit Botallack. Upon the cliff's edge sits the derelict engine houses which were used as a part of mining back in the 19th century, though mining has been documented in the area much further back than this.

After a fair amount of exploring we finished the day down at Porth Nanven for the sunset...that was until Sam decided to fall into a thorn bush and cut her legs, a sign that it was time to head back. I have to admit, having nearly all the people I adore in one location is 100% golden x 

Here's to the rest of the week which will hopefully be just as productive (with no more injuries fingers crossed).

WEEK 46 - 16/05/2018


THAT'S A WRAP! As of yesterday morning, I have officially handed in my last ever deadline at Falmouth University. 

Am I relieved? most definitely.

Was the experience of handing in anti-climactic? Very much so.

Now it's just the prolonged wait for results day, but until then, it's time to celebrate and make the most of this beautiful place I've had the luxury of calling home over the past 3 years. To be completely honest, I still feel as though I need to be cracking on with something? Pretty sure I get this uncertainty after every deadline which I feel is completely normal for every student...or at least I hope it is? 

Next week should definitely be a good chill out as my fellow Northerner's are venturing down to visit for a week. They say it's to see me, but really I think they just want to explore Cornwall for a week. Here's to the next few weeks anyhow and what it may entail!

Make sure to re-visit the Yolk Collective Fundraiser as we are still trying to raise a few more pennies before the final show in June at Free Range.


WEEK 45 - 09/05/2018